Unsere Labs sind ausschließlich in English verfügbar.

von Draphony
von Draphony


Unsere Labs sind ausschließlich in English verfügbar.

Entra ID: Understanding Enterprise Applications

In this article, we will use an SPA to call API from an App service that will authenticate the token from the SPA and return the data. Additionally, we will create a custom scope to test with our App service Step 1: Register a multitenant application (If you already have a multitenant app registered in…

Entra ID: Deep Dive into App Registration

Let’s take a hands-on approach and walk through the process of registering an app and setting everything up for our application in Microsoft EntraID to gain a better understanding of app registration. Step 1: Register an application on Microsoft Entra ID. Go to and sign in (assuming your account is in a tenant): Home…

Azure Deployment – Infrastructure as Code with ARM/Bicep

Azure Deployment – Episode 1 Throughout the lab, you are asked to open and use the CloudShell. This is not mandatory. If you have the Azure CLI and PowerShell with the Az-Module installed on your local machine or Lab environment, you can also use the local tools. You are a developer in a team, that…

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